So, you want to be a writer?

Original source is from redditor: thenameisnick

Today, I had a good, long talk with my neighbour, who is eleven years older than me, a person I have come to see over the years as my older brother, about the general question people my age, the young twenty-somethings, are always asking: “What do I do now?”

Since he started his university career with a Physics degree and then, upon re-examining his life on his second year, decided to switch to Computers, I always saw him as the practical, logical kind of advisor who would knock some sense into my abstract mind. To my surprise, the first thing he stressed, was for me to bring back a blog to showcase my writing.

I tried to usher his attention back to my retail, administrative and customer service experience, thinking we should focus on my “more marketable skills”, but he quickly stressed the importance of the blogs I’ve been writing articles for and my research experience. I tried to convince him, in so many words, without looking and sounding too pathetic, that I’ve already given up on that pipe dream and that now, he needs to help me figure out something else. He then said, “You can try other things, but I think on the meantime, you need to do is to go home and make another blog. Put the articles you’ve published, write more of your abstract work. Because THAT is what you’re good at, THAT is what you love, THAT is what you have to do.”

I then scoured the internet trying to find the right words to describe what I understood from today, but instead stumbled into a Reddit link, originally uploaded by thenameisnick in r/gaming.

I hope you feel the same inspiration I felt from reading this comic.

So, you want to be a game developer?


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