Happy St. Patrick’s Day of 2012!

–What in God’s name is St. Patrick’s Day?

–Something to do with a leprechaun.

That was a snippet of a conversation I had this March 17th. My friend and I were both surprised to find out, that despite years of celebrating St. Patrick’s day together, neither of us actually knew what St. Patrick’s Day is about.

According to Good Guy Wikipedia, Saint Patrick is a patron saint of Ireland, marking the arrival of Christianity in the country. It is a feast day in early seventeenth century, and is celebrated by attending church services, wearing green (to promote Irish culture), public parades and commemorates the lifting of Lent prohibitions such as eating and drinking alcohol.

Now you know 😉

My friend, Maria and I celebrated by originally wanting to go to a popular Irish pub in Mississauga, Failce’s, but upon seeing the long line, decided to hide out in Moxie’s instead. General merriment occurred, including the waitress profusely apologizing for taking too long (she had a table of ten, all women in a bachelorette party) and as a sign of her generosity, gave us both free drinks. That’s fine with me!

Although I’m sure most Canadians decided to celebrate courteously, appropriately and politely (I saw at least three girls in green corsets, which more than all right with me), we are known internationally again as another riot goes down our list, the first of 2012 (the last being the 2011 Vancouver riot).

Students joined officials at London’s Fanshawe College on Monday in vowing to bring those responsible for the weekend’s violent St. Patrick’s Day riot to justice – from National Post

On March 17, 2012, at London, Ontario’s Fleming Drive (a street near Fanshawe College) a party quickly escalated into a riot that involved people burning cars, flipping over a CTV news van, and throwing bottles and other things at the police when they arrived. Here’s an excerpt from National Post:

Shelby Zakoor, from Leamington, Ont., who is studying photography at Fanshawe, described the melee.

“People were going around and finding trees and ripping trees apart,” he said. “The girls that live on the corner, they weren’t even part of it and their entire fence got ripped right off. People were just throwing anything they could on it.”

The riot erupted Saturday night on Fleming Drive, a notorious party neighbourhood next to Fanshawe populated mostly by students.

Fanshawe has suspended eight students. Those are temporary for now, but the school is doing its own investigation.

“We may in some cases end the suspension quickly, and in other cases may turn it into a permanent suspension,” said Rundle.

Fanshawe also has set up a secure email for students to post videos and other information to help identify offenders.

“Anybody that was involved in throwing objects at people, damaging vehicles or contributing to the fire,” said Rundle. “If any of those were Fanshawe students, we want to take action against them.”

Keep it classy, Canada.

The only good thing that came out of this event are the students coming forward and cooperating with the authorities catch whoever was responsible. I was a student not too long ago, and I can honestly say that no matter how chaotic the parties I went to were, rioting was the last thing on everybody’s mind. Sad, embarrassing day for Canada, indeed.


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