Redefining Magic

A magic show that redefines the language of magic itself!

From the interview, Michael Weber, director of From the Dark, (a unique magic show that Magicana is producing in partnership with Luminato) says:

 “When you think about the classic language of magic, you think of things like “you won’t believe your eyes” or “it happens in the blink of an eye”—all those things are vision, based in their concept of not just the deception but the sense that one requires sight to experience magic. And the beautiful thing about what Juan has created is that it takes the thing that people generally assume is mandatory—the idea that someone has to see it to believe it, or the idea that you must deceive the eye—and you eliminate what people imagine to be the most fundamental sense.”

Hope you enjoy the show this weekend!

magicana: sharing wonder

A magic show in the dark?

“It doesn’t start the moment I start speaking. It starts the moment you surrender yourself to the idea, or even before then, when you make the conscious effort to come. Thinking about it, imagining it. And hopefully it doesn’t end when I stop talking. Ideally the magic, the experience, will last long after.” – Juan Esteban Varela

The magician behind the groundbreaking show, From the DarkJuan Esteban Varela and its director, Michael Weber  (also known for his work with The PrestigeThe Illusionist, and Oceans 13) sat down with Asif Hameed, reporter for Cadence Canada.

They breach numerous topics, such as the sister of the Spanish King personally thanking Juan for making her realize what vanishing truly means through his performance, the ten years it took to create an art form that challenges preconceived notions of the magic…

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