My, this Day is Mighty Angry

“Nocturnal Feeders” by koyamori

It takes a minute in the mirror
One to still this furious heart
The second to cull the deluge of emotions
Taunting and pounding at the fiery seams
Collected in rainbows, traceable in trembling fingers
A whim to satisfy
this hollow future.

Reflections echo a paleness forming
In whispers underneath blood-marked eyelids
with pupils as wide as the beating sun.
Vibrating pulsations roll down the etched
wrinkles on her skin,
marked by impatient nails
carving ecstasy underneath
painless nerves.

Move down to these chapped lips
Bitten back furiously from memories
of  soothsayers
promising happiness, change
armed with the retribution of
one night trapped
on a strange bed.

Get down on your knees and realize
this face bears no resemblance
to who you thought you still were–
Now, just a slave
to this in-betweening life

Helplessly watching those neon nails merge
with the marble floor.

And perpetually wait for hallucinations–
to take youth away.


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