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Day to day Poetry #1

A/N: This is the beginning of my everyday poetry, in which I write a poem a day to help with my therapy.

Cold summer day,
Woke up in pain.
The best cure for nightmares,
Is cuddling next to someone who loves you.

We walked with a rainbow hoop in one hand,
And a cigarette in the other,
Amongst suburban fields and wide empty streets.

He walked the cat and it fought a skunk,
And now cuddled up against each other
Watching TV shows and scary movies,
Playing video games and reading comic books,
And discovering happiness in the simple things,
Once again.

A\N: to keep my writer senses sharp, I decided to write one poem a day. Hopefully, some sort of genius happens amongst the mundane.


2 thoughts on “Day to day Poetry #1

  1. I’ve been writing a poem (or more) a day for a year or so. It’s a very nice way to encapsulate moments. I wish I’d started years ago.

    Good luck with your poetry adventure.

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