Day to Day Poetry, poetry

Day to Day Poetry #12

Sometimes I make myself feel shitty
about my own life choices
because I interpret somebody saying something
in the absolute, worst way.

So I start fantasizing 
about a life outside of my own
where I go to the furthest point to where I’m sitting right now
Eating cookies dunked in milk.

And then he starts listing all the places we could go –
Africa, Italy, Papa New Guinea —
and before I know it I start realizing how big the world is,
In comparison to me –
And that the way I see myself, and the way others see me,
is so insignificant and subjective in comparison to the great wide vastness of the world –
and that despite how defeated and useless I feel,
there will always be other people
who would do absolutely anything
to be where I am sitting right now,
eating cookies dunked in milk.

I’m okay, I say, 
with a self-satisfied smirk,
I’ll be okay.


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