Day to Day Poetry, poetry

Day to Day Poetry #13

Today is the day of new experiences.
Went to my doctor’s appointment on my own and
listened to songs I used to listen to in highschool
the whole way there.

Met up with a friend who forced me
To attend an event with 40 strangers.
I told her my old fears:
I’m anxious
I’m afraid
I’m scared.

The whole 30 minute drive there,
My heart tried to burst out of my chest
A feeling I’ve become so familiar with.

When I entered the room,
I tripped once —
Nobody laughed.
Nobody even noticed.

Instead they all came forward and shook my hand,
And I listened to stories of LARPING and
Marvel Heroes
And knitting, and Star Wars
and old girlfriends, and being The Other

And before I knew it,
I was in the middle of a table,
Laughing wholeheartedly with a group of people
Who were strangers just a second ago.

It’s the things you’re afraid of the most,
that can be so rewarding.


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