Character Portraits, Day to Day Writing

Day to day writing # 23: Gamer chick

Hi, I’m a gamer chick.

Not the kind that’s sexy and ironic, but the kind that doesn’t bathe for days when a new expansion of Skyrim comes out.

Not the kind that knows how to throw out a Star Wars joke or two, but one who will talk your ear off about how Han Solo shot first — and yes did you know I can recite the whole  Jedi and Sith code  by heart?

Not the kind that seems to get all the guys either, but one who guys roll their eyes to at pre-releases and Friday Night Magic and Dungeons and Dragons campaigns because I insist on killing them with my level 70 vampiric pixie and Lilliana Vess decks in bright pink Dragon sleeves.

Not the kind that can lose gracefully at Injustice tournaments and know when to quit but one who RAGE QUITS and cries out, “That’s so unfair!” And will list out a million reasons why my controller had lag and how it wasn’t working properly especially for me but seems to work fine for everyone else and I call bullshit on your faces and stew in a corner until I get ahold of my temper.

But it’s that need to win that keeps me trying, that keeps me from giving up the game until I get good enough to completely annihilate anyone who naively agrees to play with me.

I play games because inside, I’m still waiting for that euphoria that gripped my heart when I was a kid and spent hours of my afternoon playing Sega and Super Nintendo until the early hours of the morning when I had to go to school again. I play games because I learn from them – I learn how to be a hero, the nobility of sacrifice, and the honour in following things through until its completion.

I’m a gamer because I’m in love with the idea that a life can be manipulated into achievable goals that can make me feel rewarded, a life where the good guys have a chance to win, a life where our main objective will always be to help the less fortunate.

Hi, I’m a gamer chick.

And I love to fight.

I see every problem as a chance for victory and education. I see every person as a warrior going through their own battles. And I see every encounter as a chance to join forces and help other players complete their quests, because every battle lost or won, is another chance to gain XP points, to help me level up to the kind of hero I always wanted to be.


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