Day to Day Poetry

Day to Day Poetry # 24

There’s a cricket living in my heater.
I feed him leaves through the dusty grate and listen to his chirping at night.

A few days ago I tried my best to lead him out,
And created a path for escape through my living room window —
But he stayed in his spot and chirped,
and forced us
to co-exist.

Every morning I check my heater
only to see the path I created for him remain

His chirps lull me through my nightmares,
on evenings when I leave my window open,
the cold sneaking in and settling deep within
my bones.

I paint my old heater forest-green
To make him feel at home.

A small thank you for his nightly song,
the one that holds my hand
and leads me through a yellow field,
an endless sea of stars burning bright above us —
and the songs of crickets and cicadas
surrounds us.


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