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Day to Day Poetry #30

Oh, this makes the night a little more tender,
A little less harsh, a little less colder
Sweet toxin takes over my heart and takes away the pining,
The longing, the sinking feeling of missing somebody
who was never there —
Makes my mind calmer, pause the endless race
And leave me content in my solitude.

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Day to Day Writing # 29

I love the way you lean towards me, your body slightly tilted to the right, shoulder caving in, only a couple of inches from where I stand, and you feel my nervous breath against your ear as I stutter my words out, incomprehensible, strewn together awkwardly, in a mumbled mess, physical manifestations of my own cowardice and anxiety of simply being beside you, and the way you finally move away, as the curve of your back straightens once more, and you give me a polite smile that tells me you couldn’t decipher what I was saying in the first place, because of my thick accent that arises every time you saunter around with that distinctive gait that can only be yours, I can hear you walk a mile away, those slow, shuffled steps, hands in pockets, a curved back and eyes that look at you from below delicately furrowed eyebrows, and a sing-song sigh of exasperation – every time – and that sweet, soft smile that you give – your substitute for a soft-spoken “hello”, “hey”, an acknowledgement that you’re aware of my existence even for a mere second that I embrace for days and days to come – and yet you smile, despite all this, despite of me, despite completely missing all of what I’ve said, despite misunderstanding me – you smile, and I am happy.

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Day to Day Poetry #28

A night of vicious slander
of sleepless hours and devil-speak
of a mind made of chaos and havoc
that can only keep going –

but on my lips I wear hot pink,
and paint my eyelids black.
I smile sweetly to anyone who asks how I’m doing,
and wear clothes that shine right back.

I am devout and enthusiastic,
and walk with confidence and grace –
but inside I am so uncertain,
with a mind that has gone insane.

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Day to Day Writing #27

To the man who reads,

I am in love with you. I adore you. I adore the way you philosophize in a corner, away from all the blathering strangers with their conventional talk about the weather. You’re inside your own mind, traveling to far away cities – the distance between your folded legs and arms is a millennia – a place internalized, untouched by physical entities, created from the words and narratives of your favourite writers, your only teachers.

You understand the beauty in silence and isolation; the reverence and serenity in enjoying a good book while wrapped in the covers of your bed. You know that strength comes from working on your soul, that the food for your thoughts are the only sustenance that matters. You know of true romance undevoured by the unrealistic expectations of the selfish ego, of love that flourishes from the combined experience of two individuals, of unrequited, unconditional love that can only exist through knowing yourself completely, of love that persists in the solitary.

I am enamored by the world you inhabit – a silent world only you can visit, a world, that if I ever do enter, will only be left to misinterpretation, tarnished by the limitations of my own knowledge, lost in translation.

And so I leave you to it, my poet, my lover – and hope that I meet you somewhere, in between your journeys from the ordinary plains of human existence towards transcendence.

Until then I am yours, in idea.