Day to Day Poetry, Day to Day Writing, poetry

Day to Day Poetry # 41

I walked down Sin City
towards the outskirts
where the sun doesn’t shine and the moon never dies,
where law is taken in the hands of Miho and the like,
Old Town – where no sirens are found.

I waved at Ava and puckered my lips
for Nancy to bend over and give it a kiss,
said my goodbyes to Dwight and pulled him in,
just as Marv enters the bar with a lopsided grin.

And to my chagrin, darling,
Manute comes alive and chains me,
with his needles and claws,
bound helpless against a chair,
where I’m driven insane,
by a device specially imported
from the country I was born in.

Anything, my sweet,
everything to get lost in –
anything but the scent of your hair,
and the nerves on your fingers.


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