Day to Day Writing#55

This has gotten to a crazy point where I jump at the sound of my phone and get depressed over messages I don’t receive, where I stand in my position shifting my feet, scanning the crowd and waiting for you to come talk to me, and getting miserable when you don’t, where I obsess over what you’re doing constantly, and comforting myself when you’re not near me, where I’m counting down the seconds until you do something mischievous when we’re alone that makes my heart jump and makes it hard for me to cover a shit-eating  grin, where I look forward to being caught in a corner with you, where no one is around, and you spread your arms to pull me in for a quick hug while everyone’s backs are turned and I fall into it so smoothly yet cautiously, all the while looking behind our shoulders to make sure nobody is watching, where I’m starting to ignore everything that’s been piling up around my life – missed calls, emails that need replying to, video games and books that need finishing, just so I can talk to you all night – I didn’t anticipate this to accumulate to this but it’s what’s happening and I’m not entirely sure if I ever want to lay the blame on infatuation, or delude myself into thinking this could be something else.


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