Day to Day Poetry

Day to Day Poetry #56

There is a world of questions and predilictions
inside that logical, mechanical mind of yours,
a constellation behind your furrowed eyebrows,
and a secret curving with the cautious way you try
to hide your rare, golden smile.

Buried deep within those eyes that endlessly wander
and dance through universes and alternate realities,
are stories of childhood that you stumbled in, while telling,
and confessing, in that strained, honest way of yours –
“I don’t know what to share, because I don’t know what is important.”

I imagined my hand caressing the stubbles on your cheek,
as I whisper in reply: “Everything is important.
All of you is important to me.”

You said:
“I don’t want to know you as you posture yourself.
You act in a way that half represents yourself,
and the other half defends yourself,
and I want to cut through that barrier and know the whole you,
as much as I can,
because the guard you put up
is so little about you
and so much
about the rest
of the world.”

the rest of the world frightens me,
but your giant hands that curl with the gaps in between my fingers,
keeps me satiated,
and all-knowing.


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