Progress Update

Sudden realization that exactly a year ago, on this very day,  I was sleeping my life away in a bed at CAMH because I was so convinced that death was a better option than living my life.

And this morning I woke up to texts from my new friends, making plans to go out, telling me their stories, about to hop in the shower to see a movie with another new friend, and then have pizza with an old childhood friend, and then spend the night with my new partner.

If someone had come up to me a year before and told me that I would end up writing 57 new entries on my blog, gain a following, find a job I actually look forward to going to (even though it virtually gives me no money), read even more books, gain friends, strengthen my relationships with my old friends and find a new, amazing partner/teammate that would help me regain confidence and champion anxiety – all within a single year –  I would never have believed you.

Time is a tricky, sneaky thing. But thank goodness we have it.


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