Day to Day Poetry, poetry


I day dream
I’m a junkie, and so
that’s about the only thing I know
to do
It’s become a goddamn necessity, you see
this daydreaming –
it’s the only vitamin that spreads my eyes open in the morning,
forever daydreaming for the moment this
endless hunger satiates, evacuates and enunciate
the need, the want, the perpetual longing – denounced –
buried in the ground and denied,
just finally, finally satisfied –
no more starvation
for the one thing
that can’t fill you –

Daydreaming in the form of:
mouldy shacks by a body of water,
green leaves stirring lazily by my window,
dancing with the afternoon haze,
drinking tea on a rocking chair, on a sinking porch,
cicadas and singing birds the only noise in the air –

how do I get myself
from here
to there?


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