Day to Day Poetry, Day to Day Writing

#17 Resilient. Strong. Magic.

You taught me how to chop lines neatly,
To get the most out of my money.
You taught me how to love unconditionally,
And to close my eyes to the very faults that were slowly draining us of our lives.

You taught me to shoulder the dust of a love of ten years that went unquestioned,
built on the backs of our own loneliness and fears.

Now that you’re no longer here, I continue learning from our mistakes.
I learned to love rationally, to not make my sadness other people’s responsibility.

I learned the serenity in patience and waiting, and not rush into things for the sake of pleasure and impulsivity.

That’s what forever is founded on: solidity, stability and truth.

That’s where you find strength, in your own carved will to live, not on dependence from desperation.

I am lonely without you, and that’s okay.

Loneliness is a friend I know can only make me stronger.

I will no longer chip nor decline with chaos. I will stay grounded and humbled.

I am strong. I am resilient. I am magic.

In the wake of my re-birth, I will rise —
and look you directly in the eye,
as you stand in awe at the moments in which,

I clenched my hardened fists,
and refused to falter.


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