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This blog, much like my life, is made up of fragments. Its theme is spontaneity, and operates solely on that rising urge to pause everything and write, unedited, raw, Gonzo, in an attempt to encapsulate reality in its most unforgiving form.

As a result, this blog is separated into categories. While I encourage my audience to take their time in exploring and experience spontaneity whilst reading, here’s an attempt  at standardization if you’re looking for specific topics and style of writing:

1. Epiphanies

This category includes posts about my childhood, and thoughts that motivate me, inspires me and/or enlightens me. They are usually tagged with nostalgia, thoughts about writing and literature, and includes real, specific details about my life, no symbolisms nor masks included.

2. Poetry

This category includes — you guessed it — poetry! These are usually of abstract form and makes use of rhythm and alliteration to convey emotion. I am not particular to realistic images, as I tend to use surrealism and chaos to emphasize meaning. Some of my poetry includes character portraits such as, “Who Invited Death to the Goddamn Party?!“, “The Opera Girl” and “Graveyard of Disenchanted Lovers and Friends” which are based off real people/ideas in my life.

3. News / Reviews

Reviews are things I like, or responses to other articles I came across. Visit these categories if you feel like reading up on videogames, Magic: The Gathering or very occasionally, movie reviews.

Thank you for visiting! Have fun exploring.


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