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Day to Day Poetry # 58

There’s a constant stream
of self-blaming
and automatic learned helplessness
that nips at me relentlessly.
Some days it’s tolerable,
and some days
it swallows me whole.

Your voice
is a celestial hand
that reaches out to me despite distance,
in spite of walls built on
the foundations of self-defence
and thousand yard stares ingrained in
gauntlets made of steel –
bringing into life, words that
reverberate in my heart to keep
me hoping for another day,
awake and

Day to Day Writing

Day to Day Writing #27

To the man who reads,

I am in love with you. I adore you. I adore the way you philosophize in a corner, away from all the blathering strangers with their conventional talk about the weather. You’re inside your own mind, traveling to far away cities – the distance between your folded legs and arms is a millennia – a place internalized, untouched by physical entities, created from the words and narratives of your favourite writers, your only teachers.

You understand the beauty in silence and isolation; the reverence and serenity in enjoying a good book while wrapped in the covers of your bed. You know that strength comes from working on your soul, that the food for your thoughts are the only sustenance that matters. You know of true romance undevoured by the unrealistic expectations of the selfish ego, of love that flourishes from the combined experience of two individuals, of unrequited, unconditional love that can only exist through knowing yourself completely, of love that persists in the solitary.

I am enamored by the world you inhabit – a silent world only you can visit, a world, that if I ever do enter, will only be left to misinterpretation, tarnished by the limitations of my own knowledge, lost in translation.

And so I leave you to it, my poet, my lover – and hope that I meet you somewhere, in between your journeys from the ordinary plains of human existence towards transcendence.

Until then I am yours, in idea.

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Day to Day Poetry # 21

I am in an unspeakable high —
riding the waves of progress and motivation,
blowing kisses at problems that seemed too heavy,
now lifting me in a mixture of cloud nines and sunshine waves —
I am a writer, a titan, a motherfucking woman,
hear me roar in daring expletives and nonsensical paradoxes,
the paradigm shift of the depressed and the fearless,
I am quivering in ecstasy and bathing in immortality –
Your negativity can’t touch me, toxic, poisonous woman –
I am in the throes of lightning speed movement –
and I keep going.


Adventurous Photographers

One of the most amazing shots I have ever had the pleasure of encountering in my life. I stumbled upon this little gem after watching this video,  posted on reddit a few days ago. The video depicted four teenagers, three boys, one blonde girl, climbing the cables of this bridge to the very top to take pictures. One of the boys was wearing a head camera, capturing the whole climb. The video is in russian, and so the only information I could get from it was the very credible, comments section.

In the comments section, one person noted that this picture, the one I featured above, looks like it could be them. I immediately put my google skills into action and typed the address on the watermark and stumbled upon this journal:

It is now one of my favourite photography journals. What I like most about is its industrial atmosphere. The photographer clearly tries to capture their city from a different angle, one that is not often viewed. They climb to horrific heights, construction sites, bridges, and tour abandoned buildings, giving us a perspective of a city that is both breathtaking and condescending. Breathtaking, because of the view they give us, and condescending because it is a reminder of what we are missing out on. I particularly adore the subway photos, especially this one because it is legitimately bad-ass:

I give my kudos to these brave teenagers. True adventurers are not those who seek experience purely for adrenaline, it is those who are able to find the newness in the old and the uncanny in the familiar.

And in case you’re wondering, here’s the video that may or may not be linked to this journal:

If anyone knows who these brave younguns are, please let me know! I would love to give the proper credit.