You Found Me

This is a story about a mad, insane girl trying to get by her day to day by writing mad, insane poetry about the mundane. I hope you enjoy.


This is where you will find the diabolical, senseless ramblings of a (forever) 22-year-old, self-proclaimed spinster who lives with a cat and who would inject caffeine directly into her veins if it wasn’t considered ridiculous.

My obsession with cats, caffeine and alley couches has led me to believe that I could become a writer.

I am delirious with pipe dreams, and so clinging to the internet as my portal for creativity was the next logical step.

Like my mind, my blog is divided into two parts.

  1. The older part of my blog was a collection of reviews, flash fiction, character portraits, and other wistful thinking. This old way of thinking can be found here, starting with this article.
  2. After being diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder however, I decided to initiate my own form of therapy, which is writing a poem a day, so that I can remember more about my factual day to day, instead of my overpowering mood swings. You can learn more about my journey with BD here, in which I was diagnosed, here, in which I spend three months being hospitalized, and here, in which I deal with the aftermath.

However, if you would like to join me in my poetical, day to day journey, you are most welcome to enter.

Have fun exploring.

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