Places and Ports

Hot tea, hot coffee, hot wink,
to keep you inspired and going.
Deliver to me, that beautiful muse,
Blonde and young with teeth so white
Mine for the kissing, tasting that poison
that goes way deep — down to the lungs
that breathes in smoke, exhales fire
and with one wet, stroke of a moan
gasp, AH!
It’s all over now, my sweets,
This sweet street all over you, now
Stories of a dancer once so thin
that grey sweaters fall off her shoulders
as she tries to curl under the weight
of five blankets outside, by the balcony.
This is the only thing this place can give you,
Credit for the plotholes you’ve skipped
Port Credit, where we once dipped
despite the murderous storm and
the raging, ravenous lake–
where this young boy turned to me
mischevious in his eyes and exclaimed
his happiness so grand no words could describe it–
now, somewhere in Halifax,
snuggling with a blonde–
do you think he ever recalls
with empathy and renewed pain,
what could have been, if it had been
right from the beginning?
If a place can’t own you, reason me this,
who will remember,
the steps we mistook,
once we bare
our intrepid mistakes?


Different Perspectives

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One hailing Wednesday, during our bipolar weather in April, I opened the door to let a person in. In an attempt to make small talk, I said, “How was the ride in?” and then, too eager to keep conversation, added without allowing him to respond, “Isn’t the weather terrible?”

Instead of the usual, “Oh yes, hail is terrible” response, he, a documentary filmmaker I had the pleasure to recently meet, said, “Actually, on my walk over, I saw the sunlight shining through the snow and it was very beautiful. I wish I had my camera with me.”

This comment really inspired me, and pushed me to see things from a different perspective. So, for the long weekend, Aaron and I decided to go guerilla camping up Rattlesnake Point, go back to Port Credit to enjoy the sun by the park and play a mean game of badminton while we took our kitty out for a walk.

To new perspectives!